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Residential General Contractors VS Home Improvement Contractors

If you are unfamiliar with everything that’s involved in hiring a kitchen remodeling general contractor or any construction company in Pompano Beach, it’s easy to get confused or overwhelmed. So, whether you are getting ready to tackle your first project in the world of residential remodeling construction in Pompano Beach or you’re looking to hire a Master Carpenter in Pompano Beach, Home Advisor offers some good guidance on what kind of professional you need to help you with your project, so that you’ll end up completely satisfied.


“A residential general contractor is a home remodeling professional who organizes and executes larger remodeling projects,” Home Advisor’s experts explain. “Often these professionals are confused with home improvement pros. But as they will be quick to tell you, a home remodeling professional deals with longer projects that incorporate specific design and architectural ideas to provide a homeowner with a better living experience, either by adding space or making better use of an established space.”


Here’s another way to look at it, according to Home Advisor: “A home improvement contractor is usually tasked with smaller, though no less important items, such as installing new windows, flooring, cabinets, siding, landscaping, etc. A good way to think of a residential general contractor is that he is in charge of home improvement contractors, or what are referred to in the field as ‘subcontractors.’”

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