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Save Yourself from Fraudulent Contractors

According to Home Advisor, “When selecting a home professional, using a few guidelines can help protect you from fraudulent contractors.”


Home Advisor cautions homeowners who are about to embark on a kitchen remodeling project of to be on the lookout for certain red flags. The following, they say, are warning signs that may indicate a contractor who could be running a scam:

  • Does not list a number in the phone book.
  • Asks you to get required building permits.
  •  Only accepts cash.
  • Solicits door-to-door.
  • Says you will get a discount if you find other customers for that contractor.
  • Says your job will be a demonstration.
  • Offers exceptionally long guarantees.
  • Asks you to pay for the entire job up front.
  • Tries to scare you into signing for repairs claiming they are urgent.
  • Demands a lien on your property.


If you’re planning to hiring a Pompano Beach residential remodeling company, the experts at Home Advisor also say, “Always read and understand every word of a contract before signing. If you don’t understand something, ask for clarification. Make sure when you are hiring that you ask for a residential general contractor because this title also applies to professionals who specialize in commercial and industrial projects. Using the word ‘residential’ helps you to ensure that you are not wasting time talking to the wrong person.”


When you work with HTBuilder, you are working with a team of dedicated professionals who aim to be your partner when it comes to residential remodeling construction in Pompano Beach. We welcome your questions!

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